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The K-Lite Codec pack is collection of Codecs needed to encode and decode audio and video files. The K-Lite Codec Pack is essential for all of those movies you download from the Internet.


The first Pro is that the program is free, another Pro is that the file size is only 14.2 MB, which may be rather large for some but considering all that it does it really isn?t. There have been over 17,506,267 downloads testifying to the greatness of this program. Other Pros to the K-Lite Codec Pack are the features included such as; it is always update, user friendly, customizable installations, always well tested ensuring no codec conflicts, while all of this comes in one nicely complete package.

You will also find that there are 3 different versions to the K-Lite Codec Pack, ensuring that you will find the right one for you. The first is the Basic, which has all the required essentials for all popular formats while fitting on one floppy disk. The Standard is the one you need for most of the commonly used formats, while the Full has all of the above and more stuff for those who like to make their own encoding.


The Larger Versions of the K-Lite Codec Pack will have many Codecs that you may not need and in essence take up much needed space. As far as other cons I haven?t found any and after looking around on line I cannot find any there either, so I guess that speaks for itself.


If you want to be able to watch movies, and play music on your computer than you need to invest the time in downloading K-Lite Codec Pack. You might want to know some of the features of the K-Lite Codec Pack are; a Player, a FFDShow, a DirectShow video filters, a VFW video codecs, a DirectShow audio filters, a ACM audio codecs, a DirectShow source filters, a DirectShow subtitle filter, a Encoding tools, and such tools as GSpot Codec Information Appliance, VobSubStrip, the GraphEdit, MMCompView, AVI Fixed, FourCC Changer, and Bitrate Calculator.

The over all rating for the K-Lite Codec Pack has to be 8 out of 10, for reliability yet unnecessary files installed.

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